In a rush. On a budget. In the rain.

Ever had the classic campus style nightmare? Come on, we all know you’ve had at least one of those frantic moments when you realise you’ve got exactly 14 minutes in which to ge...

Ever had the classic campus style nightmare? Come on, we all know you’ve had at least one of those frantic moments when you realise you’ve got exactly 14 minutes in which to get up, drag a hairbrush through last night’s bird’s nest, riffle through your closet to find something decent to whack on, sling a few likely items into a handbag, grab something that passes for breakfast, and race out of the door - only to be welcomed by the bitter, drizzling trudge to Uni!

If you’re anything like me, you unfortunately make these disasters something of a habit! Believe me; I know what it’s like to run into your campus heartthrob and hope desperately that he won’t notice your shoddy make-up which could have been painted on by a 3 year old and your outfit which seems about as coordinated as a charity shop window display.

How can we possibly be expected to rush out for our 9 o’clock lectures, meet our deadlines and stay in shape, whilst boasting an outfit which not only makes a cutting-edge style statement but which will also be comfortable and protect us from the ever-unpredictable elements?

What we need is affordable, low-maintenance ideas which play to our assets and which we can rely on for effortless style even on those hectic days. Here are just a few simple tips to try:

The routine: All you need on a crammed day is a spot break-out blitz! If you get into good facial wash, scrub and moisturising habits, and treat your skin to make-up free days, you should soon say goodbye to those morning mirror horrors!

The hair: For a 2 minute fix try scraping the frizz loosely into a high ponytail leaving a ½ inch strand out to wind round the knot  to achieve quick, hassle-free chic.  I know we can’t all look like dear Blake but at least we know her hair secret!

The outfit: Play safe but stylish by teaming your old, reliable leggings and bulky scarf with a statement blazer and riding boots. I recommend these slip-on, leather beauties with buckle detail from John Lewis: a steal at £38. Plus there’s really no need to buy 50 handbags of varying size and design: stick to a big leather fave which you know goes with everything!

The back-up: Stowed tactically in your bag must always be a mirror, concealer, dry shampoo, a comb and umbrella to whip out in times of crisis. It may seem a little obsessive but planning these things and packing your bag the night before should save on stress.

Final word of advice: When you realise you’ve got exactly 100 quid left of your student loan you know your shopping habits need a revision! Put those years of teenage experimentation behind you by adopting a capsule-wardrobe approach. A few carefully chosen items in harmonising prints and colours should not only save the pennies but also mean you have some versatile combinations up your sleeve which you can adapt to any season or occasion that might crop up on the social calendar. Here are a few staple pieces:

Topshop chiffon shirt, £36

Cos jumper, £26

ASOS nude blazer, £56

Warehouse LBD, £45

Topshop beige pencil skirt, £30

Cos skinny fit trousers, £40

Gap 1969 original fit jeans, £49.95

Head Over Heels by Dune brogues, £31

Written by Maddie Kilminster 



26th March 2012 at 10:09 pm

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28th September 2012 at 5:15 pm