Failure of the week: ‘KONY’ Cover the Night

The ‘Cover the Night’ event on behalf of US charity ‘Invisible Children’ failed to produce a large number of posters at the University of Birmingham and the...

The 'Cover the Night' event on behalf of US charity 'Invisible Children' failed to produce a large number of posters at the University of Birmingham and the city centre on Friday night.

The 'Kony 2012' campaign video was launched on YouTube earlier in March this year and reached 100,000,000 hits within six days. However, almost a month later, campus was silent at 9pm with no sign that there had been any attempt to cover the old redbrick buildings in Kony 2012 propaganda.

A Facebook group had been set up after the launch of the video, 'Kony 2012 – Cover UoB', which contained 538 members, yet the last post on the group is dated the 16th March and is a link to an article about the controversy of Invisible Children's co-founder masturbating in public in Los Angeles. Many of the other posts on the page display negativity and scepticism towards the cause itself.

Birmingham city centre was also fairly quiet at around 9.30pm, and there was no sign whatsoever of people meeting to cover the city. There were many different Facebook event pages dedicated to organising cover the night on the 20th April, all with very vague information on where to meet and what resources to bring.

The morning after 'Cover the Night', the #KONY2012 trending on Twitter was predominantly people questioning whether any posters had gone up, or slating the campaign on its failure. The campaign seemed to lose its momentum once it was met with widespread scepticism.

Rhian Lubin


27th April 2012 at 5:58 pm