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    My Fashion Faux Pas of 2014 (so far…)

    Every year, magazines, Instagram pictures and the high street are awash with new trends of the season that have filtered down from the catwalks and design houses.

    Written by Alexandra Landes on 7th July 2014


    Summer Essentials Quiz

    L&S writer Ally Head has compiled 5 unisex questions to help you decide what your key summer item should be!

    Written by Redbrick on 30th June 2014


    Life&Style Meets… Francesco Group

    Life&Style Editor Bethany Barley interviews stylists from the famous hairdressing company Francesco Group to get the latest on this Summer's upcoming trends and more.

    Written by Bethany Barley on 30th June 2014


    A Week Without Social Media

    In a world of status updates and selfies, it's hard to imagine life without social media. L&S writer Beth Coveney accepts the challenge and tries a week without the temptations of Facebook and Twitter.

    Written by Beth Coveney on 30th June 2014


    The Graduation Blues

    Life&Style writer Victoria Haworth shares her thoughts on how to deal with the inevitable graduation blues...

    Written by VictoriaHaworth on 30th June 2014


    ‘Black.’ is the New Black

    Written by Redbrick on 18th June 2014


    Men’s Summer Style Guide

    During a recent sunny Tuesday morning I found myself perched on a bench on campus; with nothing better to do with myself for twenty minutes or so, I decided to watch passers-by.

    Written by Redbrick on 9th June 2014


    Tips to Get Bikini-Ready for Summer

    After exams we all tend to let go a bit, our motivation to keep fit has officially been drained...

    Written by HebeHat on 6th June 2014


    Kate Moss, Prince Harry & Grad Ball

    FIERCE Beyoncé & Jay-Z tour: The world’s hottest couple announced their joint ‘On the run’ tour this week

    Written by Katarina Bickley on 6th June 2014


    Birmingham’s Hidden Gems: The Oasis Store

    L&S writer Olivia discovers one of the best vintage stores Birmingham has to offer.

    Written by Redbrick on 5th June 2014


    What to Wear, Where: Festivals

    Pippa tells us the perfect trends to rock at festivals this Summer.

    Written by Redbrick on 5th June 2014


    Keeping Your Skin Safe in the Sun

    Despite the gloomy weather, take a look at our tips to stay safe in the sun this Summer

    Written by Redbrick on 4th June 2014
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