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    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Find out why Thomas Ling gives South Park's latest game a near perfect score and why it's just plain silly fun

    Written by Thomas Ling on 18th April 2014



    A review of one of the most anticipated games of the year, now that it's here, is it truly the next gen title that we've all been looking for?

    Written by George Bearman on 23rd March 2014


    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Thomas Ling gives us an in depth review of the PS4 exclusive

    Written by Thomas Ling on 19th March 2014


    Silk Screws

    Beth Carney reveals how silk will be used to mend broken bones

    Written by Beth Carney on 19th March 2014


    Campus Spotlight: Arts and Science

    Science and Tech Editors Claire Harris and Soumya Perinparajah take a look at what's going on in the Arts and Science festival this week

    Written by Claire Harris & Soumya Perinparajah on 17th March 2014


    Sensational science: Too good to be true?

    Sci&Tech Editor Claire Harris, in light of recent controversies, questions the integrity of Scientific journals and what we consider 'proven fact'.

    Written by Claire Harris on 14th March 2014


    Getting a feel for things

    Fujitsu have come up a new form of haptic technology, one day soon you'll be able to feel the things you see on your smart device

    Written by George Bearman on 12th March 2014


    Breakthrough in vaccine transport

    Sci&Tech Editor Soumya Perinparajah on the revolutionary new ways that we can transport Vaccines

    Written by Soumya Perinparajah on 12th March 2014


    CSI: SMS

    Beth Carney explores the forensics behind everyday text messages and how it's used to solve crime

    Written by Beth Carney on 10th March 2014


    Man’s Best Friend, Or Mood Reader?

    Sci&Tech Editor Claire Harris tells us about a study which suggests we might not be so different from our canine friends

    Written by Claire Harris on 7th March 2014


    Get in the flow

    Sci&Tech Editor Soumya Perinparajah breaks down a TED talk about 'beasting it' and what recent research shows

    Written by Soumya Perinparajah on 5th March 2014


    The Next Generation of Shoe

    Yvonne Malewski paints the picture of a futuristic world not too distant from our own and braces us for a new kind of Nike shoe

    Written by Redbrick on 3rd March 2014
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